Repurpose Used Fences As Garden Trellis

Introduction: Repurpose Used Fences As Garden Trellis

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This is an instructable of repurpose used iron fences as garden trellis.

The reason I did this was a few iron fences laying around after putting up new fences. I set it up beside the car porch.

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Step 1: Items

  1. 4 used iron fences
  2. Nylon string (you can buy from a hardware store, however, I reuse left over from last project)
  3. Bricks (laying around after the work on the new fences)
  4. Used lumber (2" x 4" x 5')

Step 2: The Setting Up

  1. Firstly, I lay out the bricks as a foundation for the fences. (The fences is made from iron. If I put it directly on the ground, it will rust)
  2. I position the three fences side by side (not exactly 90 degree angle but 45 degree).
  3. Then, I tie the fences with the nylon string.
  4. The forth fence I lift it up and position it on the top of the three fences.
  5. I secure the upper fence with the first and the second fence.
  6. The number 1, 2, and 3 fences will support and display climbing plants.
  7. The forth fence will be used to hang planters.

Step 3: The Lumber

  1. I position the lumber at the lower level.
  2. The lumber will acts as a shelf for plant nursery.

Step 4: The Climbing

  1. I plant some bitter melon and grape to climb the trellis.
  2. In the future, I plan to start planting rock melon, cucumber and sweet bean.

Step 5: The Hanging

  1. The bitter melon vines has reach the top and cover the upper part.
  2. I also hang the strawberry planter.


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