Repurpose a Lamp With LEDs




Introduction: Repurpose a Lamp With LEDs

How I Recycled an Old Florescent Tube Lamp to use LEDs.

I had a great lamp that had a florescent "Pure White' -type of bulb. It worked great - until the ballast up and died on me.

Rather than throw it away and find a new one, I decided to break out the old soldering iron and hack it with a few LEDs.

I used this site to calculate how much LEDs I could run with what power supplied. I calculated a total of 21 LEDs in 3 'strands' - one to point straight down and the other 2 to point up into the reflector. I used fritzing to both design the board I needed and to fabricate 2 boards (a spare just in case.)

This is just a few pictures, but shows what I did.

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    2 years ago

    This is very interesting - but very annoying not to see the whole process, including your Fritzing work. I can't call this a proper instructable, I'm sorry.