Repurposed Baby Headband With Bowtie (or Baby Bandana?!) - No Sew!




Introduction: Repurposed Baby Headband With Bowtie (or Baby Bandana?!) - No Sew!

There are a number of DIY instructions online about making headbands for babies. This instructable builds off one that I found on Pinterest (this a link to the original reference, please visit it to follow the steps #1-8 before making the bow). The reason I'm uploading a new instructable is because I got so excited about the instruction that Vanessa made, and didn't realize the headband fit babies from newborn to 3 months. My baby (as I type this) is 6 months, and has a bigger head [circumference 16" (40cm)].

I'm not sure what the upper age limit of these headbands are, but they are really easy to make, and adjust if needed!

Here is what you'll need:

  1. A bunch of headbands. I bought this 12 pack off of Amazon for $14 -
  2. Clear elastic 'poly bands,' something like this. I got 75 of them for $6 at CVS
  3. Scissors
  4. Fabric glue ($5-10, maybe even cheaper)

Assuming you have scissors and fabric glue, the unit price for a headband comes out to $1.25/headband!

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Step 1: Cut Adult Headband at Both Edges of the Seam, Create Curved Edges, and Turn Inside Out

Vanessa's blog as found here goes into more detail as to what should be done to render adult headbands that are ready to be tied together for a bowtie. Please reference her steps since this is what the instructable is mainly based on!

The first picture here shows the headbands after they've been cut at the seams; cut edges so they're curvy, and glued together at the curved edges.

The second picture, as in the referenced blog shows that you have to:

  1. Cut a parallel slit near the center of the seam on the seam side (not shown),
  2. Turn the glued headband inside out (grey headband) by
    1. Pulling one curved edge in through the cut slit (white headband), and then
    2. Pulling the other curved edge through the hole (to result in the grey headband)

I apologize that if this step isn't totally clear, as I had already made a number of headbands before these two colors!

Step 2: Gather Edges of Headband and Add Elastic Tie

Take the headband you flipped inside out by the edges (first picture) and make sure the seam side is on the inside of the loop.

Step 3: Make the Bow

Take your clear elastic and wrap it around the gathered edges 1-3x as if tying a ponytail.

It should result in looking like the second picture. When you're done wrapping

Spread the two pieces apart (third picture)

And voila! You have a headband with a bowtie. Sometimes the bowtie doesn't stay fully flat, and looks like a cute bandana on baby.

The beauty of this method is that it's easy to adjust for your baby by shifting the elastic closer or farther from the edges of the bowtie.

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