Repurposed Infinity Bracelet

Introduction: Repurposed Infinity Bracelet

I had a long necklace and a bracelet that I no longer wear, and I decided to mesh them together and make something new! I used 100% repurposed material, and used about 75% of the original products; The rest will go to another bracelet.

Step 1: Things You'll Need:

  • jump rings. I used the jump rings off of the necklace with the gold/black chains, because I wanted to use only parts that came from jewelry I already had. So they look a little worn. I needed two jump rings per chain used, and two additional ones for the two large rings in the center.
  • Two large metal rings. Mine are about an inch in diameter.
  • Five chains; Four need to be long enough to wrap your wrist twice, and one should only wrap once. In my case, the pink and gold wrapped twice and the black once.
  • Pliers. Needle-nose work best, but I didn't have any tools whatsoever. You can seperate jump rings without tools. Here is a video on how to do that.

Step 2: Connect Each of Your Chains to a Jump Ring, and Then Connect That Jump Ring to a Large Ring.

Do this for all of your chains, and make sure that your jump rings are closed completely to keep the chain from sliding out.

Step 3: Connect the Shorter Chain That Wraps Once Directly to the Other Side of the Ring.

Step 4: For the Chains That Are Attached to the Large Ring, Add a Jump Ring to the Other End As Well, and Connect It to the Other Large Ring.

Step 5: Join Both Large Rings in the Center With a Jump Ring.

Step 6: Push the Two Rings Together, Forming an Oval Shape Between Them; Put a Jump Ring in the Gap, Connecting Both Rings Together Again, So That the Gap Remains Open.

Step 7: Voila!

The rings add an extra 1.5 inch, which is enough to slide it over your hand instead of messing with a clasp; The bracelet hangs loosely but doesn't fall off. Ta-da!

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