Repurposed Lamp

Introduction: Repurposed Lamp

The purpose of this project is to build a lamp using found objects, accessible tools and items at the total cost of $1. Recycling and reusing objects helps the environment, as materials are not being wasted. I repurposed an already made lamp that was found in the trash, using the lightbulb, found wires, and scraps of wood. Although many objects were found in the trash, they can still be used to make a resourceful lamp. After all, another mans trash is another man's treasure. Construction time takes around 7 hours. Read the instructions to assemble a lamp while advancing towards an environmentally friendly future.

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Step 1: Obtain Materials

What you will need:

  • old, broken lamp
  • mesh wire
  • lightbulb
  • lightbulb socket
  • plug
  • wood scraps
  • plastic water bottle


  • Hot glue gun
  • laser cutter
  • scissors
  • pliers
  • tape
  • tissue paper
  • Elmer's glue

Step 2: Cut Wood

  1. Using a laser cutter or a saw, cut wood scraps into rectangular pieces
  2. For the base, cut into a heart shape (or whatever shape)
  3. In addition, laser cut any decorations if you want. (I cut windows)

Step 3: Break Apart Broken Pieces

Using a hammer or the back of a screwdriver, crush the remainder of the broken plastic pieces of the found lamp. Make sure you don't break the socket. You should end up with the cord, socket, and plug.

Step 4: Repair Frayed Wires

Repair any damaged wires if needed. I watched CNET's video on "5 easy fixes for fraying wire" because the wire of my electrical cord was frayed.

  • Twist wires
  • Use tape to secure wires.

Step 5: Make Mesh Wire Lamp Shade Structure

  1. cut mesh wire into medium sized rectangle, about 12 in
  2. shape wire into a blooming flower shape

Step 6: Connect Structure

Using wire, connect the mesh by weaving a piece of wire through the holes.

Step 7: Paper Maache Lamp Shade

  1. Mix water and glue
  2. strip pieces of found printer paper, tissue paper, tracing paper, and newspaper
  3. dip strips in the glue mixture
  4. drape strips over mesh wire structure

Step 8: Dry the Wet Tissue Paper

Use a blow dryer to completely adhere the glue and let it dry.

Step 9: Make Lamp Base

  1. Use found laser cut wood from earlier
  2. the rectangles into a box shape
  3. glue on top of the heart shape wood
  4. use empty plastic water bottle
  5. cut off the top
  6. glue the stray pieces of cord inside the newly made plastic cup
  7. stick the plastic cup inside the wood box

Step 10: Mesh Covering

  1. Cut mesh wire into mini rectangles to fit the window sizes
  2. cover the "windows" for a cleaner look on both sides

Step 11: Cover Messy Tape

Use the leftover tissue paper to cover messy tape, such as tape used cover the outside of the socket.

Step 12: Turn Lamp On

Plug in the cord..&viola!

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