Repurposing Old Suitcases Into Doggy Beds


Introduction: Repurposing Old Suitcases Into Doggy Beds

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How to reuse old suitcases and make doggy (or kitty!) beds! Super easy and fun to make!

Step 1: Materials & Procedure

I used some old (broken) suitcases and repurposed them into doggy beds!

Take an old suitcase, and split it in half.

The deeper part of the suitcase is better as it has more space to put some blankets and pillows in it, but you can use both parts.

Remove all the strings inside the suitcase and anything else until you have a nice, comfy, space.

Insert a pillow and blankets and watch your dogs (or cats!) enjoy in their new but rustic, recycled beds!

Step 2: Video Tutorial

A step by step procedure can be seen in the video.

It's very simple to make and your pets will definitely enjoy their new beds!

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