Request Sensor Data Via SMS Using Arduino and SIM900A GSM Module

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In this blog we are going to learn about how to request Sensor Data via SMS using Arduino and SIM900A GSM Module. Sending and receiving Sms's are a part function of SIM900A GSM module. Whenever we send an sms with the message state, it then replies with temperature humidity readings.

Components Required -:

The various components required foe the following setup are-:

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Step 1: Making Connections/Schematics

make connections according to the given schematics -:

Arduino Uno to DH22




Arduino Uno to GSM




Furthermore insert the sim card into the holder. Also it is advisable to use sim card with a prepaid plan or Unlimited SMS. Also make sure that the antenna is well connected. power the module using external 12V and 2A power supply.

Download Schematic

Step 2: Connect Arduino to PC and Upload Code

Now connect the Arduino to the PC and Upload the code. The user can also modify the code according to their requirements. Also uncomment whichever types of sensors that you are using in your setup.

Click here to Download Code

Step 3: Check Functioning of the Setup

Check functioning by sending an sms using the SIM900A GSM module. The setup will result in the temperature and humidity readings which serve as data in calculating many soil problems.

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