Rescue Wet Phone




A last oportunity cure in order to save a soaked mobile phone.

If the phone has fallen in dirty or salt water, rinse in distilled water. Then shake it in order to drain and put it into a small bag. Pour ethanol 96% into the bag. The alcohol will displace the water.

The circuits will be alcohol wet instead of water wet. Alcohol doesnt rust the circuits like water does.

Now try to remove the alcohol. Put the cell phone on a heater that you can stand with your hand, not very hot.

Other option is to dry the phone with a fan or better to use the vacuum pump system that is explained here:

This is a last chance procedure, so do it at your own risk. I assume no responsibility.

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    5 years ago

    the silica gel packets that come in furniture work wonders after use of alcohol and distilled water


    After you do the alcohol thingy, put it in a container of dry rice. Let it sit for a couple days. The rice will absorb any leftover moisture. I have even seen the moisture telltale clear up with just rice and no alcohol.