Resin Galaxy Cameo Necklace

Introduction: Resin Galaxy Cameo Necklace

Hi all! In this video, we will see my process on making a galaxy themed resin cameo pendant (I have a slight obsession with galaxy stuff lol). The image I used was found via a Google search for "Hubble Telescope Pictures". The size of the cabochon mold/image are 30mm x 40mm oval. This is the same method that I showed in my "Domed Galaxy Cabochon" tutorial (find it via my YouTube Channel: GrimmsCraftingTales). I did not film the creation of the beaded chain, but if you would like to see that process, please feel free to let me know. Thanks for watching and remember to craft happily ever after!

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Step 1: Watch Full Video Tutorial

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"Life of Riley" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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