Resin Heart Necklace

Introduction: Resin Heart Necklace

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From this tutorial you will get a necklace resin of various colors (it's depends to the pigment of the cartridge you can find!). A good manual dexterity is required for a good result.

The theme can be any, I chose the heart with the lock to be able to connect in a symbolic key to the closure , but the creations can be the most varied ! depends on your imagination ,

you need

talcum powder

Two-component resin

powder Laser Printer from empty cartridge

Sculpix paste


baking paper


support for modeling sculpix

modelling tools

scotch tape

plastic gloves



multiuse octopus for models

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Step 1: The Model

the type of mold that we're going to do is quite true and exat, but it is important that subjects are predominantly bas-relief . To ensure that the locks of the necklace are functional is necessary that the hole where it will be inserted the dipstick respecting the correct proportions while the base of hole coupling must be of a larger diameter of the chain that went to choose

the modeling clay that I used to harden will then baked in the oven as shown in the manufacturer's instructions

Step 2: Laser Powder Pigment

i use this cheap trick for the pigments. Now we're going to extract the dust from the pigment laser printer cartridge, the color will be to your liking, I have taken the black, with a drill make a hole in the tank and remove the powder, attention!! is extremely volatile and dirty everywhere

Step 3: Silocon and Talc Powder Mold

we pass to the realization of the cast of silicone and talc

spread a thin layer of talcum powder on the baking paper and then squeeze over the silicone must be able to cover the models made

Step 4: Impression Mold

once created the mixture of silicone, gently insert the models

let dry it for 24h

Step 5: Extract and Strain

Now we are going to extract the casts and cut the chain I have used two segments of 25 cm

in casts empty're going to strain the two-component resin in the proportions 1: 1 as reported by the manufacturer's instructions

Step 6:

when the resin is not yet catalyzed, immerse perpendicularly into the groove of the crossbar for closing, one end of the chain previously cut

for this perpendiculary tick I used a multi tool for models

wait until the resin catalyses

extract copies

finish them and remove any burrs

Step 7: Realization of the Holes for the Chain

now need to create the holes needed to be able to insert the chain with the help of mini drill

realize a minimum dose of resin with which we will then secure the chain to the pendant and closures

Step 8: Fix the Ends

with the use of stencils we're going to fix vertically models with the holes facing up

then insert the respective ends of the chain secured with the resin and then let them harden

then we can have the pendent almost finish

Step 9: Personalize It

place on a piece of parchment paper our necklace

we are going to prepare a little more resin and this time together with the components A and B will also add the powder of the laser printer previously extracted in step 2

apply a few drops of black resin (or the chosen color) on the pendant and spread it evenly with the use of gloves to have better dexterity

trying to penetrate the color in the cracks

you can use all the colors extracted from laser cartridges

let dry and the pendant is complete!

Step 10: Also Only Powder

one can also use only the powder to create depth

once spread with the brush just remove the excess with paper

possibly fix it with spray fixative

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work! The pendants look like the turned out great, and I love that they're designed like real hearts. Very cool!