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Introduction: Resin Paper Weights

About: I love breathing new life into discarded or unwanted furniture.

I love Resin and have recently been experimenting with embedding objects. I thought paper weights would be the perfect project.

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Step 1: Minimal Amount

I brought this silicon mould online from Wish. I poured a minimal amount of clear casting resin on the bottom of the mould. This formed a base for the objects that I wanted to embed in the Resin.

I waited about 2 hours, the resin was still a little soft and I placed the glitter and gems that I wanted to embed on top of the resin. For this project, I used glitter, an amethyst point, plastic and glass crystal gems.

Step 2: Did Not Cover Objects Completely

I poured another minimal amount of the clear casting resin over the glitter and the gems,. I did not cover them completely, a little over 3/4. This allowed me to easily pop air bubbles with a blow torch.

Step 3: Patience

I left the Resin for 24 hours to allow it to harden. I placed another layer of glitter and gems on top of the hardened resin.

Step 4: Covered

This time I poured the resin to the top of the mould, repeating the process of popping the air bubbles and left it for another 24 hours to harden.

Step 5: Sanding Smooth

I did not use a mould release spray. I battled to release the paper weights and some of the silicon mould stuck to the resin. I sanded all of them smooth and place vinyl on the bottom of the paper weight, cutting away the excess. This was to prepare the paper weights for another pour.

Step 6: Bringing Back Clarity

I made a box out of Corflute, placing small cups inside it. I then placed the paper weights on top of the cups and poured another small amount of resin over the paper weights. I left them for 24 hours to dry and then I had perfectly clear functional paper weights.

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