Resin Tray Care

Introduction: Resin Tray Care

Taking good care of your resin tray is important for successful prints.

This guide will take you through how to maintain and care for your resin tray.

Step 1: Resin Tray Elements

The resin tray is made up of the following components

  1. Resin tray
  2. PDMS window
  3. Glass window
  4. Gasket

Resin Tray

The resin tray is made from amber polycarbonate. The amber color blocks blue light and prevents the resin from curing.

PDMS Window

The PDMS window is where the parts is built. PDMS stands for Polydimethylsiloxane and it is a member of the silicone family.

Glass Window

The glass window is the substrate that the PDMS window is stuck to, it provides rigidity to the PDMS window assembly.


The gasket is used to create a watertight seal between the glass window and the resin tray.

Step 2: Remove the Resin Tray

WARNINGWhen handling resin, wear protective gloves,
protective clothing, and eye & face protection

  1. Remove the resin tray


    Always remove the build head before removing the resin tray. Otherwise resin could drip onto the optical path of the projector!

Step 3: Pour Away Excess Resin

  1. Pour all the excess resin into a storage container


    You shouldn't pour used resin back into a fresh resin bottle. We recommend you keep an old resin bottle on hand to store used resin.

Step 4: Clean the PDMS

  1. Using a gloved finger, gently rub the surface of the PDMS to remove any cured resin stuck to the PDMS

    CAUTIONNever use any tools on the surface of the PDMS. If the PDMS is scratched or damaged you will need to replace the resin tray

Step 5: Clean the Glass Window

  1. Now that the PDMS is clean, flip the tray over and using an Isopropyl Alcohol swab gently clean the underside of the glass, removing all smudges and smears

    DANGERKeep Isopropyl Alcohol swab away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces

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