Resisitor Color Code

Introduction: Resisitor Color Code

In resistor color coding
first we have resistor of 4bands

in this the first 3band are near and lest one are far...
last band use for tollerance.

The Resistor is shown in fig

1 Band is BROWN
2 Band is BLACK
3 Band is ORANGE

4 Band is GOLD

1st and 2nd are digit
1 Band is BROWN number from table is 1
2 Band is BLACK number from table is 0

so 10 is taken


band 3 is multiplier
so oranges value is 1000


10*1000 ohms

10 k ohms is the value of resistor

for 4th band tolarence is 5%

10 k ohms with 5% tollerance

now u can tey by ur self

and check by this link

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