Resistance Exercise Attachment for Walkers

Introduction: Resistance Exercise Attachment for Walkers

A simple board attached to a walker with resistance bands can provide low impact leg exercise options for someone with limited mobility.

I wanted to come up with something that would let the user utilize the fact that they have a tool that is sturdy and holds a lot of weight (their walker) for strength training without being too cumbersome.  Since it is lightweight, easy to take on and off and portable it can be used anywhere someone takes their walker.

The board allows someone to perform a seated leg press, targeting quads and the lower abs.

Step 1: Materials

1/2" Wooden board - 16 inches wide by 6 inches high
1/4" Pieces of wood (2) - 2 inches wide by 6 inches high
Yoga mat
Resistance band
4 J-Hooks/8 Nuts
Wood glue
Crazy glue
Duct tape


Step 2: Cut Band and Mat

Cut Band to 52 inches in length and in half width wise

Cut two pieces from yoga mat 12 inches in length and 6 inches wide

Step 3: Clamp Board/Glue Mat

With wood glue, fix the 2 x 6 pieces of wood to each side of the board and clamp until dry.

Using crazy glue, attach both yoga mat pieces to the board

Step 4: Create Looped Ends

Create a loop at the ends of both bands:

4 inches in from each end, wrap 3 inches in duct tape.

Fold in half and knot once (keeps the band from eventually pulling free from tape).

Tape up from knot and excess of end piece.

Step 5: Attach Hooks

Drill a hole in each corner and attach J hooks.

Secure with nuts on top and bottom side.

Step 6: Attach Board to Walker

Wrap bands around each side of the walker.

Attach board to the band loops.


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