Resize Pajama Pants

Introduction: Resize Pajama Pants

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Short Story of Resize Pajama Pants
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Step 1: How Old Pajama Looks Like?

It has 44 Inch Length and Now I am converted into 36 Inch.

Step 2: What I Am Going to Do?

I am going to follow few steps.

Step 3: How I Am Going to Do This?

I will get rid of upper part(waistband area), and make it concrete waistband without passing tape. Take a PJ of 36” and do cutting according to it. Points of work given below:

Steps to Resize Pajama Pant:

Step 1: Lay down old PJ and then use desire size PJ (in my case 36”). For convenience mark points by chalk and do cutting. Use medium Scissor.

Step 4: Step 2: Now We Need Some Important Things Here.

A Thread, try to find same color thread in your old thread box. I have found pink one.

Step 5: Elastic for Tighten Waistband

2. Use Elastic for tighten Waistband (I like it n a fixed way)

Step 6: Final Cutting Piece

3. A final Cutting Piece of 36 INCH

Step 7: Step 3: Start Sewing

  1. First Sew Hipline of both front and back and it looks like below:
  2. Sew Inseam from one leg bottom to other bottom.

Step 8: Sew Waistband With Elastic.

Sew Waistband with Elastic. First seam along waistband hemline with Elastic fold support it.

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Step 9: ​Fold Waist Band in Final Step

Fold Waist band in final step and fold it and sew at end.

Step 10: Final Look

Done!!! I am happy with output. Nothing gonna waist.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    1 year ago

    I think I have a few pj pants I need to do this to! Thanks for sharing :)