Resonator: How to Make a Pipe Out of Parts From Radio Shack.





Introduction: Resonator: How to Make a Pipe Out of Parts From Radio Shack.

This is a small pipe, pocket sized for travel. it doesn't look like anything conspicuous, and it works beautifully. i came up with this while working there. I hate that store..... Pick up the Phone Jack and butane blow torch tip you see in the pictures.

Step 1: Prepwork

Start by unscrewing the top cap from the top of the phono jack.

Step 2: Hollowing

With you leatherman (or some other insignificant pair of pliers), squeeze the brass tube flat right where my fingers are in the picture. this will separate the two halves fairly easily. Discard the chewed up Brass half, we dont need that. you will be left with a spring, a cap and a tube.

Step 3: The Spring

Now take the spring out of the inside of the tube. Take a hold of your butane tip and twist it into the small end of the spring. this becomes the guts of the pipe. place this into the tube, wide side first.

Step 4: The Screen

If you use pipes often, you probably use screens. you can get these at your favorite smoke shop, home depot in the faucet aerator section or at the dollar store in the form of a strainer or splatter screen. however you get them, you need to form it into the tube with a pencil. make sure it clears the inner threading, or the cap wont go on properly. after that, your pretty much done, pack it and smoke!!!

Step 5: Maintenance and Safety

Okay, so now you have this incredible pocket pipe. its made of metal, and it can get hotter than a kit-cats paw on a tin roof. to avoid burning yourself, you can either wrap it in one inch electrical tape (which only works for a short time), or you can roll it between your hands with long sweeps. this dissipates the heat evenly across your hands.

To clean it, there a a few ways this can be done. One is to heat it up and scrape it with an open bobby pin. the other (and my fav with any pipe) is to boil it in whole milk. If you are using "Forget-a-lot" smokes, drinking this milk is nasty, but oh so worth it. just remember te dissasemble the whole thing to get it truly clean.

One more thing. The name i gave to this is The Resin-ator, and for good reason. you will see why when you use it, but i bet you can already guess. PLEASE, out of respect to me, the inventor, call it by its proper name. I dont wanna be in a circle one day and hear somebody say, "Hey! Pass the ( Any name other than Resinator)" i will confiscate it and you will lose the privelage.

On that note, enjoy!!!



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    i like the name


    it sounds cool}][{

    aluminum is one of the dirtiest metals.
    not all types of smoking is harmful to ur health

    "Forget-a-lot" smokes
    is this what i think?  Sticky Icky? M.J? Buddha? GANJA? 
    i hope so...:D

    well with the tin foil. i know that is bad when direct flame is applied. im unsure bout general heat but definitely direct flame is bad.

    Salvia divinorum, Latin for "Diviner's Sage," is the legal hallucinogen (I mean, incense, what'd I say?), and it is part of the same family as common sage, salvia officinalis, which is used for cooking. Unfortunately, smoking common sage will have no effect other than making you cough profusely.

    the reason its still leagal is because most people who smoke it do not do so again. most people i know have had very bad trips on salvia. the explanation i've heard for this is that other hallucinogens like LSD or psilocybin cause a release of endorphins (the "happy" chemicals) in your brain, thereby increasing the chance that you will have a pleasant trip. salvia does not cause this endorphin release. that mixed with the intensity of the onset and the drug itself can cause bad trips. of course, some people have very good trips, but ive mostly hear bad things about it. also, it's not *all* gone after 15-20 minutes, there are some after effects which, again, can be unpleasant.

    drinking a tea or chewing leaves sublingually is supposed to be a better way of taking it, as it lasts much longer and will supposedly give you some long lasting "feel good" feelings depending on the dose. it can also cause halluciantions, but will not be as harsh as smoking it. this is what the south american shamans did for a long, long time. i havent heard a lot about this method though, if anyone can confirm or deny i would like to hear some feedback.

    i've never done either, but i would like to start growing it for the latter

    Most probably bloodshot and sensetive due to a certain substance he had been smoking trying out his pipe

    well if you smoke pot resin is the ash that lines up in your bowl after a while and its basicaly intence THC

    3 replies

    thank you if you dont know what resin is then you probably shouldnt be making home made pipes

    unscrew the spout on your sink... then pop the screens out... there should be 3-5 in there. leave 1 in the spout or the water will spray everywhere when ever u turn on the sink.

    ive toked using alot of diy things ... this looks sturdy enough to carry around :-P

    ...."leafy smoking substance"........wink wink.......I did not know you could smoke sage.....