Respect in the Czech Republic

Introduction: Respect in the Czech Republic

a how to

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Step 1: Introduce Yourself With a Firm Handshake

this is expected during a first introduction

Step 2: Attempt to Learn Czech Phrases

Czechs appreciate when foreigners begin the conversation in Czech before continuing in English

Step 3: Avoid Using Someone’s First Name Without an Invitation

referring to someone with their first name is a sign of friendship

Step 4: Do Not Assume Everyone Speaks English

while much of the young population does speak English, Czechs appreciate if you ask first

Step 5: Refrain From Asking “how Are You?” While Making Small Talk

Czechs are very private and this questions is intrusive to them

Step 6: Bring a Bottle of Wine or Flowers When Visiting a Home

small gifts are the ideal for showing appreciation

Step 7: Remove Your Shoes When Entering a Home

many homes provide slippers for their guests to wear

Step 8: Do Not Expect a Lot of Personal Space

Czechs have a different sense of physical space, so do not feel crowded on the tram if someones tries to get by without saying "excuse me"

Step 9: Give Up Your Seat on Public Transportation to an Older Person or Child

respecting elders is very important in the Czech Republic

Step 10: Avoid Discussing Business

Czechs always separate their business and personal lives

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