Restaurant Style Rajma (kidneybeans)masala




Introduction: Restaurant Style Rajma (kidneybeans)masala

-Rajma masala is very unique and delicious Indian dish which can be paired with rice,naan or roti.

-I tried this in an Indian restaurant and liked it very much.As we are preparing with kidney beans they are protein rich and healthy too.


- Boiled KIdney beans

-1 big onion

-3 diced tomatoes


-Bay leaf

-garlic cloves


-spices[Red chilli powder,coriander powder,garam masala]


-dry fenugreek leaves(kasoori mehti]

-Milk or cream

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Step 1: First Step:

-Take little oil in vessel and add cloves,cinnamom,cardamom and bayleaf

-Add diced onions and fry for few minutes..

-Add garlic and dry red chillies..[you can use dry red chillies or chilli powder)

Step 2: Blend in Blender

-Add tomatoes and cook until they become mushy.

-cool the mixture and blend in blender to smooth paste


Step 3: Boiling Kidney Beans.

-Soak kidney beans in water overnight. Next day pressure cook them.

-you can directly use store bought boiled kidney beans.I bought it from store.

Step 4: Remaining Procedure:

-Add little butter in vessel.When butter melts add the blended paste and cook till the paste thickens little bit.

Step 5: Add Spices:

-Add coriander powder,red chilli powder,garam masala and salt.Give a mix.

Step 6: Add Boiled Kidney Beans:

-Add boiled kidney beans .close the lid and cook for few mins.

Step 7: Add Little Milk or Fresh Cream:

-Finally add little milk or fresh cream and garnish with dry fenugreek leaves(kasoori mehti)

-Serve hot with naan or rice with some salad onions and lemon.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    where is your regular sense oh humor? What is fenugreek?


    Reply 2 years ago

    Fenugreek is herb most commonly used in Indian recipes. It is called methi. Fenugreek leaves both in dry form and fresh leaves are used in cooking various recipes like dal,parathas,curries. Dry leaves add nice flavour when used as garnish in curries. Even fenugreek seeds are used in preparing pickles and various powders like sambar.Overall fenugreek has many health benefits like it controls blood sugar,aids in digestion,reduces blood cholestrol.

    I think most of them are familiar with fenugreek as a common kitchen ingredient that's the reason why i did'nt stress in detail about it.