Restoration 1940s Small Cabinet

Introduction: Restoration 1940s Small Cabinet

A friend was lucky enough to have her great grandmother , give her this beautiful 1940s cabinet

Over the years it had become a little tired and needed work to get it back to its former state The two doors were removed and the legs that had become loose over the years were also taken off Paint stripper was use to make removing of the old shellac a little easier Once it was stripped back the sanding commenced , running through the grit to finish with a 600, the doors and top were finished with 1200 , looking for that super smooth finish Next a coat of boiled linseed oil was applied with a brush, and then wiped down to remove any access that was left to dry for 9-10 days . Feast Watson furniture wax was used for the finishing coats. A lot of hard rubbing,wiping and buffing is required of this product, but as you can see the results speak for themselves

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