Restoration of a Sewing Box

Introduction: Restoration of a Sewing Box

About: I'm a young french woodworker. I learnt everything by myself thanks to internet. I have lots of videos on my Youtube channel. Just click the link below to check it out. You can also visit my WebSite for more...

I was restoring this sewing box out of beech few weeks ago. It was a gift for my mother, it belongs to my grand mother. This project took a lots of time sanding, handplaning, and scrapping, but it was a pleasure ! thanks for watching.

Step 1: Video Part 1

First part of the restoring wooden sewing box. Scouring, sanding, machining.

Step 2: Video Part 2

This the second part of the restoring sewing box. This is about setting up the hardware, the felt and about finishing. I use air gun this time (first time so don't blame me :D)



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    It's great to see old things restored rather than thrown away. It looks great :)

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    Thanks a lot, and I agree with you, it's so shamed to see old furniture on the road side. If I had a truck I could brink it to restore but that's not the case :D

    That's a great looking sewing case! I have a similar 6-drawer one from a grandma that needs a good restoration. Nice to see how yours turned out! :)

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    Hey thank you seamster !! I'm sure you can restore it :) It's not so complicated, it's just lost time sanding, and scrapping !

    Here's mine. Not sure what kind of wood it is, but it says it was made in Norway. It'll be a fun little project some time! :)


    Wow, yours looks so beautifull, much more older than mine, I really like this kind of handle. Maybe just a little cleaning with steelwool 000 and some wax will make it great !