Restore and Maintain Butcher Block Counter




Introduction: Restore and Maintain Butcher Block Counter

I decided to try using my counter top as a cutting and prep surface. My butcher block island counter had been stained, so I removed the stain and prepared the surface.

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Step 1: Stained Surface

A dark stain remained on the cutting surface.

Step 2: Planer

I started with a planer to remove the top layer of wood. The stain penetrated fairly deeply, so this process allowed me to remove large portions quickly.

Step 3: Complete Planing

The surface was a little rough after planing and in the places with many knots a few gouges remained.

Step 4: Belt Sander

A belt sander with 80 grit paper smoothed the surface. Because there was a snow storm and I have no garage I created a clean room with painters plastic and sealed it off. It was like a sand storm inside, but contained all the dust, keeping the surrounding room spotless.

Step 5: Block Sander

I hand sanded with a block and a few finer grit papers, then wiped the surface clean with a damp cloth.

Step 6: Oil Surface

I experimented with mineral oil and mineral oil with wax. Both seemed to work well.

Step 7: Restored Butcher Block Surface

Surface in restored condition.

Step 8: Maintain the Surface

Scrub the surface with a hot soapy water.

Step 9: Rinse With Hot Water


Step 10: Sanitize With Vinegar

Use vinegar to sanitize the surface and let stand for a while.

Step 11: Citrus Salt Scrub

Make a paste with lemon juice and salt and scrub the wood surface. This helps with odors. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 12: Oil Surface

Remove salt from the surface and wipe clean. Coat with mineral oil.

Step 13: Complete

Time to cook.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Amazing tutorial! I want a Butcher block counter NOW in my kitchen!!! :o


    4 years ago

    Wow! What a difference! I love your spice rack as well


    4 years ago

    You did an outstanding restoration job of the top, I would not ever consider putting a knife to it now. We use a simple cutting board for kitchen knife chores, and go one step further: we request double paper bagging at the food store, and cut the bags into squares, using them to line the top of the cutting board. They're disposable and much more sanitary than direct contact with the cutting surface.