Restoring an Old Computer Chair

Introduction: Restoring an Old Computer Chair

After serving me well for the past few years, my faithful computer chair requires a bit of maintenance to keep her going! A few years back, i attempted to patch the worn out sections, though that didn't hold for too long. To bring new life, i completely replaced the seat material using a thick/durable Ikea rug material in the hopes that it will not wear too easily; i also really liked the design!

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Step 1: Take Off the Chair Seat

With the use of a screw driver, remove the screws holding the chair seat!

Step 2: Remove the Staples to Free the Material

Using a flat screw driver, free a portion of each stable and then use a pair of pliers to pull it out completely. Repeat for all the staples!

Step 3: Match Up the New Material

Match up your new material and centre your design accordingly. Then using a staple gun, tack on each corner to hold the material centered. Then pull the material around and staple it in, moving along each edge. At each corner, fold the material such that the corner doesn't protrude out and then staple it down also. The original staples were angled 45 degrees to each edge to prevent the material from ripping or fraying and so i stapled in on an angle also.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once all ends have been stapled on and trimmed, the only thing remaining is to screw the base back onto the chair and test it out! Since the inner foam had been worn out on one end, i opted to reassemble the base backwards so the worn out foam faced the back of the chair. Upon testing the chair, i found my handiwork to be fully satisfactory and very comfortable! Best of luck in your own restoration efforts and i would love to hear of your efforts/comments/questions! :)

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