Restoring / Reusing Sand Paper

Introduction: Restoring / Reusing Sand Paper

Generally we throw away sand papers after using. I had a thought that it will be very useful,easy and economical if we reuse the sand papers again and again. I searched in the internet and found some tips in cleaning the sand paper. i.e., with rubber boots and some plastic material. We can not use new boots to clean sand papers and not all people will have used rubber boots. So I have been searching for a great tip for many days and finally found one video in youtube, he used one material which is very cheap and available in stationary shops. Many people like me do not know this tip, so I would like to share this tip with you. I do not remember the youtube channel and name of the video but I thank him for letting me know this amazing tip. The sand paper in the picture is already used several times, even though it looks great.

Step 1: Materials Needed

One and only one thing required is an eraser.

Step 2: Process

I tested with a waste plastic and sanded on the 220 grit sand paper. Then cleaned the sand paper with an eraser. I amazed with the results. Sand paper is looking like brand new. I even checked by sanding the wood. It works like a charm.

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