Restoring Westinghouse Radio WR-35





Introduction: Restoring Westinghouse Radio WR-35

I've recently found a Westinghouse radio WR-35, and I'd like to restore it!
I don't have any experience with this kind of things, so any help/tips would be greately appreciated!
Also, any info about the radio would be nice, since google doesn't seem to know much about it, I've only discovered that it seems to br from the 30's.
How should I start? Simply disassembling it? Please help!



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    Sorry for late realy but eny way if you Google the tube names you will probobly find a wabsight called radiomuseum that list all equivalent tubes and som sligtly different tubes that might work as replacements.
    However i would recomend you to try to find a tube sorce in Spain rather then buy them overseas but if you can't find a good tube privider in your own country there are some good tube stores in Germany and England that might have the tubes you need

    The tubes usully don't need to be replaced but the resistors sometimes rise in resistens but don't worry aboute them before you have replaced the caps here's a guide aboute replacing caps

    You also need to find a 230v to 120v transformer. You can probobly buy a cheap one that are sold by some elektronics and hobby stores.

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    Thanks again, this was is very helpful!
    The tube 57 has a connection on the top, and when I tryed to remove wyre from it, this metal pin broke off the tube and stayed on the wyre, so this tube will need replacement...

    I'm by no means a expert in old radio repair but i have repaird some old 1940s and 1950s tube radios And one 1930s radio to.

    First what you need to do is check the wireing so theres no shorts.

    I suppose you live in the US or canada or eny other country with 120v mains voltage, if you happends to live in a country with 220/230/240v mains you will have to get a
    230 to 120v transformer.

    But before plugging the radio in you will need to replace the caps.

    If you want more info about replacing caps in old radios just Google "vintage radio cap replacement" i know that a sight called "antiqeradio" has a good guide about cap replacement.

    One other thing thats good to check is the powercord if its in bad shape it needs to be replaced but if you want you can reuse the original powerplug

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    Thanks! I live in Spain, here the main is 220V. So the caps, tubes and wierings are the things that should be chacked and replaced, but the resistors should be ok? Also, where can I find new tubes? They should be the same models or there are equivalent models which are easier to find?

    Also, it says that it is for 115V, but here the voltage is 220V... how should I overcome this? Changing the transformer? Using an external one?

    Well im just a beginner with old radios but i would start by taking out the metal carriage and checking the tubes to see if any of them are busted. Next i would try and find replacement capacitors for under the carriage. Again i am not an expert but i have found many tutorials on youtube. Hope this helps!

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    How should I test the tubes? With an ohmmeter?
    And about replacing the capacitors, do you mean just desoldering them and their cables and soldering new ones? check the new pics.

    I've just opened it and it looks aweful, rotten cables, bursted capacitators... I'll update with some images