Restoring a Plastic Bottle Shape Without Blowing in It!




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Crunching plastic bottles is good for recycling and for
environment, but sometimes, while camping or a picnic, you just suddenly need it again and you want you didn’t do it.

Blowing them in shape seldom works well and most of the time you are just blowing your ears out.

I’ll explain now how to restore the bottle without tools or blowing in it.

This is just a small trick which can sometimes turn useful.

Step 1: Materials

  • Crunched plastic bottle (any kind)
  • Water (optional)

Step 2: How It Works

Bottles have harder parts and more flexible parts. It depends on it’s shape: the bottom and the top dome will never be flexible, the same apply to necks and handles. The straight, cylindrical portion is the most flexible.

Step 3: Restore

Straighten the bottle if needed, then fill it with water if you have any at hand. It’s not mandatory, but it helps a lot.

Now squeeze with your hands the flexible part of the bottle. The harder parts will come out a little.

The flexible part is, well... flexible. So if you squeeze it it won’t get damaged and get back to shape when it can.

While keeping it pressed open the cap and release your hand to let some air get in.

If you release the pressure before opening the cap the bottle might go back to its previous state.

Now close the bottle and repeat the process: squeeze, open the cap, release your hand.

This procedure won’t remove every wrinkle, but it’s super easy and it works well even with stubborn indents.

That’it! Ahah!!

Thank you for reading

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11 months ago

After "release your hand to let some air get in" do you add some more water?

1 reply

Reply 11 months ago

If you want to add water at every "cycle" is good and it will help. I fill the bottle with water only a second time when it has got some volume.
Thank you for asking.