Restoring and Lowering a Scale Toy Truck

Buy a small car from yard sale or flea market. Just because is not the best looking doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into an awsome truck

Step 1: Completely Take Apart the Truck

The first thing to do is to find a messed up truck or car and take it apart. Under the vehicle you will find a couple bolts you will need to remove to make the frame and body come apart.

Step 2: Decisions

Gather a pair a wheels from other cars, decide which ones would look the nicest at the height you like whether it be lifted or lowered or a nice stock

Step 3: Mounting the Wheels

Depending on your wheels you might want to look and how much you have to cut to make them fit for a lowered look. Use plastic or popsicle sticks to make the wheels at the level you wish

Step 4: Test Fit

Test fit your body onto the frame of the truck. Depending on the wheels and how low it is you might have to adjust. In order to make such big wheels fit cut into the “interior” and shorten axels to make the wheels fit and roll

Step 5: Painting

After getting the wheels to fit just right you can choose what color would go with the look of your truck. After choosing color sand down and primer the truck. Once you feel like the paint is ready to go on lay it in there.”patience is key” look at everything from the grill,headlights,taillights, etc. to see what secondary color may look good if deciding to go full custom

Step 6: Put the Truck Together

Finally after many hours of patience and work you can do a final assembly. Everything from headlights to wheels to paint is now your style. Still rolls and most importantly looks nice

Step 7:



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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    6 months ago

    Fun. I have never seen anyone modify a model car like this.