Restroom Prank


Introduction: Restroom Prank

About: I'm a Youtuber.

Do this at home or in a store/restaurant and see/hear what happens

Step 1: Materials

1. Toilet
2. Sauce of any kind in little package thing
3. Victim ( guy or girl depends what species you are)

Step 2: Construction

Place sauce on toilet after you fold it. It should look like the photo.

Step 3: Wait for Your Victim

Wait and hope he or she sits on toilet and does not open it. That's all vote for me and hit the follow and favorite button thing. Well hoped you enjoyed this instrucable and hear what the victim does. Thanks and bye for now.



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    9 Discussions

    This is so mean!!:(->:) I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    got my vote simple but yet brilliant

    You are EEEEEVil Sir! But I like it. you have my vote.

    I know what my reaction would be! Evil ;-D..voted!

    Oooooooold trick... Did that way back in high school. A teacher got it. I never told anybody, so i never got caught. Safe to tell now. Most teachers i had back in high school are gone.

    simple, easy and evil... great!