KNEX HAND GUN (Accurate and Strong)

Introduction: KNEX HAND GUN (Accurate and Strong)

This is what we are going to create:

Step 1: Parts

This is what we need:

- 34 yellow connectors
- 4 green connectors
- 3 orange connectors
- 1 white connector
- 3 gray connectors
- 2 red connectors

- 2 yellow rods
- 5 grey rods
- 4 white rods
- 6 green rods

- 2 blue washers
- 2 grey washers (thicker then blue ones)
- 1 black (kind of) connector
- another 1 black (kind of) connector (another one)
(close-ups in following steps..)

- 7 small rubber bands (THIN ONES)
- 1 scissor

Step 2: The Barrel

The Barrel is realy simple..
Just follow the images, and you will be fine..
I added some information with those yellow boxes.

Step 3: The Handle

The same.. Just follow the images and notes ;)

Step 4: The Trigger

Just follow the images and notes..
You have to force some parts into their place..
View the notes to know which parts!

Step 5: The Pusher ;-)

You just can't do this wrong.. Just a stick with some connectors and a rod... Watch the pictures..

Step 6: The Rubber Band

On the pictures you can see where to place the rubber bands..
It can be hard, but ask your questions, if you want to! ;)

PS: The first rubber band is actually three rubber bands in each other.. You know how to do this right?

Grab one rubber band. Grab another.. Lay the half rubber band over the other one. Grab the rubber band that's on the bottom, and pull it into the other one.. Do the same with the third.. Only grab the second one instead of the first one..

(This sounds very wicked, but it isn't!)


Step 7: Extra Things

Just follow the images.. no comments.. too simple ;)
Between the third and fourth image is a note..
For if you don't get it!

Step 8: Preparing Rubber Band

The last steps before you can load it up ;)
Yeeeeey, almost done :)

Step 9: Loading, Aiming, and Firing

Loading is simple, aiming is something tricky, firing is the simplest!

Just watch the pictures as always ;)

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    8 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 4

    will it work without the black piece cause i dont have that one


    11 years ago on Step 9

    What do you use as bullets?