Retouch & Smooth Skin Professionally - Photoshop Tutorial

Introduction: Retouch & Smooth Skin Professionally - Photoshop Tutorial

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Hey Guys, in this episode we learn how to professionally edit, retouch and smooth out images in Photoshop. This tutorial is aimed at people who want to give their raw images a touch up.

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Step 1: ​Photo Retouching, Smoothing and Cloning Out Imperfections in Photoshop

Drag and drop the image which you are going to retouch into Photoshop, go over to image in the top panel, mode and select CMYK Color and press OK. Click on channels next to the layer panel and click on the yellow panel and press Ctrl and "A" to select all of the image then Ctrl and "C" to copy the yellow channel. Next hold Ctrl & Alt and tap "Z" until you get the normal RGB colours back in the channels panel. Go back over to layers and unlock the layer by double clicking on the image and press Ctrl and "V" to paste the yellow channel above the original image in the layers panel. Finally press Ctrl & "I" to invert the selection. Next on the blending modes ( drop down box below layers) select Soft Light. What this does is smooths out any imperfections on the face such as wrinkles and gives the image a more professional look. If you are trying to add more definition then press Ctrl & "I" to invert back and have soft light selected. Next go over to the original layer and duplicate the layer by right clicking, on the left hand panel select the Spot Healing Brush Tool and cover any small imperfections by left clicking on the desired area. If this distorts the image in any way then turn down the opacity in the layers panel. Next press Ctrl and highlight the three layers (so they all are selected blue) right click and convert to a smart object to merge them together then right click and duplicate layer. Go over to filter, blur, surface blur and set the threshold to 255 levels and take the radius up and work your way back down again. The desired effect is to try and blur out imperfections and bringing down the threshold brings back in the smaller details so the whole image doesn't become blurred. Click back onto your original layer and make another copy by right clicking or pressing Ctrl & "J" and rename the top layer to blur and rename the new layer to high pass. Drag the high pass layer to the top and go over to filter, other, high pass and mess around with the settings until you can just about see the outlines but not too much skin detail and press OK. On your blending modes in the layers panel select either soft light or hard light. Now select the high pass and blur layers together by holding Ctrl and clicking on them both and press Ctrl and "G" to group them together. Next add an inverted mask by holding Alt and clicking on the mask tool at the bottom which looks like a camera and airbrush over any areas, This is how Professionals airbrush images in Photoshop. You have now completed the Retouch, Airbrush, and Smooth Skin Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop! Links Twitter - Google+ - Facebook -

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