Retractable Sword




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this is an easy to make knex sword

Step 1:

get all these peices

a bunch of white things
a ton of red things

Step 2:

sort out 2 white things and 4 red things

Step 3:

conect all the peices so it looks like this on both sides

Step 4:

build a bunch of the things on step 3 but make them with only one white connector

Step 5:

connect all the peices together

Step 6:

connect as many together as you want untill you reach the desiered length

Step 7:

I built mine much longer than this

Step 8:

now to build the hand gaurd

Step 9:

snap four white things on like in the picture. snap them on where you want the hand gaurd

Step 10:

put four green connectors in the connecting parts of the white connectors



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    me and my brother had a war and the red pieces broke before the structure of the sword broke


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! I think you should improve the handle a bit more as it looks like the blade just with a white connectors separating it, other than that good!

    1 reply