Retraux Mr. Game & Watch Papercraft

Time to kick it old school!

Here's a bit of Nintendo Trivia for you.  Before Mario saved Princess Peach, Donkey Kong threw his first barrel or even a blue line block cleared a TETRIS, there was another video game hero that made his impact.  Of course, we know him today as the iconic Mr. Game and Watch, star of the late 70s to 1990's LCD Game & Watch games. A relatively obscure character turned mainstream again thanks to the popularity of Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros Brawl, the Game & Watch series are a true gem for gaming.

This is a relatively simple papercraft, considering Mr. G & W is completely 2D (like his original counterpart), so I added in a Melee style trophy base for fun.

Game and Watch (Designed by Chartodileon):
Base (Designed By Gollum999):

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