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Introduction: Retribution a K'nex Ball Machine

About: I make K'nex Ball Machines. Here you'll find instructions for some of my simpler projects and photo diaries of my more complex machines. I'm still in the process of building a ball machine larger than any be...

This is my first instructable so Hi :)

This is my newest ball machine called Retribution its my largest and most complex yet, check out the video on YouTube

3 lifts ( 2 of which are completely new and designed by me ). 2 networks 6 paths 2 new path selector types ( designed and built by me) and loads of new elements. It took 7 months to complete mostly because I had little free time to work on, it was started on December 23rd 2013 and was finished on July 17th 2014 It was around 10 red rods in height ( 150cm ), 3 in length ( 45cm ) and 4 in depth ( 60cm )

feel free to ask any questions and I'll be doing more instructables for the lifts and elements and all the other knex projects I'm working on hopefully this will be the start of many more

Thanks for watching and enjoy ;P - Northern Fields -

Step 1: More Pictures...



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    Hahaha thanks Im now working on an even bigger ball machine that takes up an entire room ;)

    Thank you so much it means a lot coming from such a great knexer such as yourself ;) yes I may have borrowed your idea from paradox hehe I thought it was such a good way of showing what actually happens under the white connecter floor is it ok that I've done that ? you honestly inspire me so much I love all of your machines thanks again ;P

    Thank you! I'm happy to inspire you :) And I like it very much when I see my ideas in someone else's ball machine, even when it comes to editing, so no problem at all :)

    Haha thanks yeah that seems to be most peoples favourite I wish I could have made it longer I'm probably going to do a similar path in my next ball machine I'm making :)

    thank you well actually today I bought around 1000 new pieces for the new ball machine but in total I think around 5000 to 10,000 pieces less than I'd like to have but more than most people haha ;P

    Lol I have around 11000 pieces, but I'm going to buy some rippin rockets soon because I have cut all my tubing in way too small pieces and I really want to make some tracks with allot of tubing

    Oh really wow I wish I had more knex I guess you can never have enough haha I get the knex I buy just as individual pieces on knex user group ? but I know how you feel all my tubing is too short to so I have to like stitch it all together with the yellow clips lol but you can just get like 3 meters of just tubing off knex user group but they do sell sets as well ;)

    Knexusergroup is way too expensive, I also don't like the colors of the pieces they sell, I prefer the classic colored knex so I buy my knex secondhands.

    But then the bad thing is that other people who sell their sets also cut their tubing lol

    I might buy some knex balls and tubing there tough.

    Well funny u shud ask actually today I got around 1000 new pieces delievered for the new ball machine hehe so idk how much in total I have but around 5000 to 10,000 not as much as id like but more than most people ;P

    haha yh it is a little crappy gun I just had the idea for and I made a quick video for I hope u like it I'm not very good at making guns lol what's your opinion ? ;P

    Well consider the gun isn't entirely yours, I can't really say. But, what you did with the trigger was cool.