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Found a treasure in my parent's attic! And the wheels started turning, what can I do with this nostalgic piece.


Step 1: Tools & Materials


28 old cassettes

Piece of wood of your choice

Black duck tape

Hot glue


Hot glue gun


Cutting tool

Step 2: Design

It all starts with an idea in your head....

I pictured a box which has a wood base and the box sides out of the cassettes.

To figure out the base size I needed to measure a cassette and calculate the rectangle size.

Each cassette measure is 202mm X 164mm X 12mm, height does not really matter because it doesn't influence the base size.

All in all, the base size is 19cm square (rounded the millimeters as it won't change the shape of the box).

Step 3: Box Base

Since the wooden base will be covered with the cassettes, there is nothing special in this step.

All you will need a 19cm square, I used scrap wood I had laying around.

Mark the square and cut it with a saw.

Step 4: Box Walls

This is where most of the work lay...

Choose how you want to arrange the cassette ahead, it will save you time and if you have a limited amount of cassettes, it will save you some of them too (trial and error gluing them together).

Anyhow, my box base length is derived from two cassettes length.

I choose to have 3 layers of cassettes on each side. in the middle layer, the cassettes will be vertically and on the two other layers, horizontally (see picture).

The main idea, after arranging the cassettes, is to hot glue each cassette to the next until you have the side wall completed. keep in mind that the hot glue drys pretty quickly.


I hot glued a cassette wrap to the table, just to create an easy position to implement the glue.

Step 5: Assembly

Use hot glue to attach the 4 sides (cassettes) to the wooden base, first to the base, then each side to its neighbor.

After the box has its shape, clean the hot glue leftovers with a knife.

Finally, to refine the corners I used black duck tape.

That is it, Retro box is Ready!!!

Step 6: Done

If you liked it, don't hesitate to leave a comment or even vote ;)


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    1 year ago

    I like it! Fun, simple, great piece of nostalgic decor!

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    1 year ago

    This is brilliant! Gave me some ideas for the tapes I recently found.

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