Retro Egg Chair

Introduction: Retro Egg Chair

This modern pod chair will look great in a retro themed doll house! A recent trend in dollhouse décor abandons the traditional Victorian red velvet sofas and country styled baskets, to move into the 1960s and 1970s. The style is much more modern, and so colorful! This chair is my interpretation of an egg or pod chair from the period 1950-1980. It is similar to the white chair seen in the movie “Men in Black”.

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

Supplies needed:

· A large white plastic egg

· Cutting tools of your choice: rotary tools, scissors, utility knife, needle nose pliers

· A small piece of scrap fabric

· A piece of small metal chain (long enough to hang egg in doll house)

· A one inch piece of wire

· A small blob of stuffing, or a cotton ball

· Liquid glue (fabric glue preferred)

· Sandpaper, or a sander attachment for a rotary tool

I bought my plastic eggs at an after Easter sale. If you can’t find any, contact us. We bought out a clearance bin at the local discount store. The eggs cut easily with scissors, but a rotary tool might work better. Any scrap of thin cotton blend fabric in a colorful design will work fine. My piece of metal chain was a few inches from a broken necklace. I am fond of washable fabric glue, but since it is unlikely that your pillow will be washed, liquid white children’s glue will work.

Step 2: Cut the Egg.

Cut an oval shape in the egg. Sand the rough edges. Poke a small hole in the top, just big enough for a piece of wire to go through.

Step 3: Add the Chain.

Cut a tiny piece of wire about one-half inch long. Bend it in half, and add the chain. Push the wire “u” through the hole on top of the egg. Inside the egg, bend the wire back. The chain will now support the egg.

Step 4: Make a Pillow Seat.

The pillow is very easy to make. Cut two piece of fabric, about three inches square. Trim the corners, to make the fabric roughly circular. Put wrong sides of fabric together with the stuffing in between. Glue the edges together, with the stuffing inside.

For more free patterns (or if you would prefer to buy a kit to make the dollhouse egg chair) visit our blog at

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    4 years ago

    Great instruct able! Simple and very easy. Will be making one for my dollhouse. BTW, went to your website and it is down! Thanks.