Retro Floral Hippie Bellbottoms




Introduction: Retro Floral Hippie Bellbottoms

hip hugger bellbottoms for a 70's themed party.

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Step 1: Supplies

1 pair denim jeans. -hip hugger would be best (Goodwill)

Floral print fabric - i found a dress at Goodwill that I liked

Seam ripper


paper for template (2 sheets printer paper taped together)

Sewing machine

Iron on appliqué adhesive


Step 2:

Open bottom seam and rip up outer leg seam to bottom edge of your knee

Step 3:

Nope not split high enough yet! And the length needs adjusting! trim off excess, but leave them long enough to touch the ground.

Step 4:

Make a paper template for the floral triangle to be inserted
Mine measured 17” tall and 8.5” wide at base.

Step 5:

I lined the centerfold of template with the side seam because I liked the way the fabric hung there. Also lined up the bottom seam with new bottom edge of pants.

Cut the floral fabric

Step 6:

Sewing down from the top point of the triangle, stitch fabric in place being sure to place right sides together.

Step 7:

Iron double stick adhesive to back of some extra fabric. Follow instructions on adhesive film, then cut out the flowers you want. I used a teflon sheet (an oven liner), or a piece of parchment paper to protect your iron from any excessive adhesive.

Step 8:

Iron the flowers in a semi random manner on to the jeans legs.

Step 9:

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    1 year ago

    To be honest I would not wear these to a party... I'd wear them all the time in everyday life! (although I would make them look less costume like off course)
    Anyway, thanks for sharing! :)