Retro Metallic Snowflake




Introduction: Retro Metallic Snowflake

About: ...after 30 years of becoming corporately numb, my dreams of not working (for pay) and instead creating with my hands has become a reality. Life is grand!

A simple way to experience the beauty of your tree while catching glints of light naturally!

Step 1: Organize Materials

5 - 12" metallic pipe cleaners
lightweight needlenose pliers/wire cutters

Cut two of the pipe cleaners into thirds (apx 4" each)

Step 2: Fold All Sections in Half

Step 3: Connect the 3 Largest Sections by Twisting Them Together in the Center

Step 4: Twist Each of the Shorter Pieces Apx 1" (or the Width of Your Thumb) From Center

Step 5: Twist the Adjacent Shorter Points Together

Step 6: Trim the Untwisted Length 3" From End. Fold Each of the Cut Pieces in Half

Step 7: Twist Each of the Shorter Pieces Around the Remaining Arms. Now Go Decorate!



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    12 Discussions

    i did this - it worked great and you can do so many variations.

    So easy a child could do it - which is perfect for me!

    Hang these from a shower curtain rod tightened between sides of a window!

    Thanks, great for our crafts at the library holiday event

    This will be a great project for my girl scout troop to make and pass on to Meals on Wheels recipients next year. Thank you for sharing and the detailed directions.

    Excellent documentation!!! This would make a perfect package topper in place of a bow -- later to be used as an ornament. Thanks for sharing.