Retro Phone Case

Introduction: Retro Phone Case

Hi there,

Today I am going to explain to you how to make this retro phone case!

Things you need:

· Two pieces of fabric in different colours

· Needle and thread

· Lace

· Ropes in the two colours fabric

· Beads of your choice

· 3 Small rings

Step 1:

The first step towards making the phone bag is picking two pieces of fabric and adjusting them to the size of your mobile phone. Then sew the two pieces of fabric together. Do this inside out! The your product will look much nicer in the end! I chose the colors baby pink and –blue. Sew the pieces together on the long side of the fabric. DON’T sew anything else beside this and leave about three centimeters unsewed at the top.

Step 2:

In step two you need to put the lace on. Depending on the size of your phone you need to put layers on it. For my phone (iPhone 6s) I needed two layers. Sew these pieces of lace on the fabric, make the pieces a bit bigger than the edge of the fabric: when you do this everything will get prettier in the end.

Step 3:

When you have sewed the lace on you can start with the part I find most fun: beading! In my model I choose small angels, teapots and flowers. I have sewed them on the top. When you pick out your beading be careful: check that the needle fits through the hole!

Step 4:

You are about halfway through! No sew the rest of the phone bag EXCEPT the top! But don’t forget to sew it from inside out! Otherwise this could get ugly… And also don’t forget to leave about three centimeters at the top! Sew the lace in when you are sewing.

Step 5:

Now, this step is the most difficult of all. If you followed the instructions carefully you now have a flap on top of the bag. Fold the flap down to the inside and sew it. Be careful that the tunnel is not too small for the rope that’s next.

Step 6:

You now have created a tunnel. Grab the two ropes and cut them in the right length for your mobile phone. Get a safety pin and pin it in the rope. Now push the pin through the tunnel and when both pieces of rope are out put the small rings around them. When all three ring are on the ropes make a knot ant the end of the rope.

You’re done!

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    3 years ago

    Good instructions. It would be great to see some process photos next time around!! ;)