Retro Pi ( Raspberry Pi 3 Emulator)

What we are going to be setting up is a Raspberry Pi that we will be able to play retro video games on using an emulation system called retro pi

Step 1: Getting Things Ready for Retro Pi

First we will need a few things

Download the latest version of Raspian Wheezy

Next you will need Win32 disk imager

Now plug your sd card into your computer

After that unzip the contents of both the downloads and run “Win32DiskImager.exe“

click the blue folder to the right of the empty box for "ImageFile"

Select the .IMG file of the Raspian version you downloaded

Open my computer or my pc and find which letter the sd card I assigned to ( Make sure you have the right letter because this will remove all files on a device"

Back in Win 32 Disk Imager under "Device" find the letter that corresponds to the one assigned to your sd card and click "Write" ( This will take several minutes)

When this is done plug the sd car into your Raspberry pi and hook it up to a video source with keyboard and mouse along with an Ethernet cable that connects to the same router as your pc.

Now turn your Raspberry pi on buy plugging in the usb power source

Step 2: Software Configuration

Once your Rasberry pi has booted up find the the shortcut to Raspi-config

Change the boot up settings from the one it is on to the second option

Click the first option "expandfile system" and press enter (or apply the settings) this will take a few seconds you will be shown a screen saying settings will be applied on reboot. Reboot the system

Step 3: Installing Retro Pi

after the reboot there should be a black window Icon on the task bar that when open says "pi@raspberrypi ~ $" this is the command prompt of your system

First we need to make sure every thing is up to date by entering the command: sudo apt-get update

After that is finished enter: "sudo apt-get upgrade -y git"

Then after that enter: sudo apt-get install -y git dialog

Next enter: cd git clone --depth=1 git:// ( This downloads files needed to install the emulators)

Next enter this Chain of commands:

cd RetroPie-Setup

chmod +x

sudo ./

After that a window should show up. On that window select binary installation and then click ok to start it ( The Installation time varies. Took me about 3 hours)

when this is finished will be given a few prompts just press enter a few times to get rid of them

You should now be at the screen you had just before installing Retro Pi go to the option setup and click enter

In the setup enable Auto-Start EmulationStation

Next enable Start EmulationStation at boot

Now click cancel or back a few times to completely exit out of the Retro pi menu

now go back to the terminal and type: ipconfig

Write down the numbers after the line saying inet addr

Leave the Raspberry pi powered on

Step 4: Moving Over Roms

First you will need to get some of your favorite roms download make sure you know where they are on your main pc

Next you will need to download Win scp on your main pc

Once that is downloaded open it up and it will be asking for connection details

Make sure you are doing a scp connection

then put in the Ip address we got earlier (should have it written down)

The default user name and password is "pi" for the user name and "raspberry" for the password

after you entered all the information click login

once you're connected it will show you two windows the left being your pc and the right being the raspberrypi

On the right click retro pi then click roms and on the left find the folders with your roms

Now drag and drop the roms into the corresponding folder for their system

Now you should be able to play some games!

Step 5: Setting Up Second Player

In winscp connect to your raspberry pi

on the right side click the back folder at the very top

Now click on opt then retropi then all

after that open the file retroarch.cfg with a text program

now scroll down till you find control input should have a header labeling the section

now scroll down till you find a block of code similar to this line

input_player1_a_btn =

copy this block of code then paste it underneath it and change all the player1 to player2 as an example

input_player2_a_btn =

Now second player should be able to work

Lastly we need to set it up to be able to exit the emulator

underneath player1 block of code put in

input_enable_hotkey_btn = "X"
input_exit_emulator_btn = "Y"

Replace the X and Y with the number corresponding to the buttons you want

For a snes controller to make it for start and select at the same time replace X with 8 and Y with 9



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