'Retro' Rockets




Intro: 'Retro' Rockets

I love the streamlined Deco-style rockets from the old sci fi films, so I thought I'd make a couple out of odds and ends. It's easy to do - just look for something rocket shaped, and add fins and portholes. The little one is made from a highlighter, the bigger from an popsicle mold and the lid of a roll-on deodorant bottle. The fins are made of those weird dental floss applicators. Use whatever you can find that looks good- washers, lids off toothpaste tubes, nails, etc. Dollar stores are a great source of cheap plastic bits and pieces.

Step 1: Highlighter Rocket

To make the highlighter rocket, cut the nozzle off a highlighter, and glue the cap onto the rear. I used epoxy resin but there are probably better glues out there. All plastics react differently, unfortunately.

Step 2: Fins

Dental floss applicators come in a variety of shapes and are made of cheap plastic which is easy to cut with a sharp craft knife. Sand off the rough edges and glue them to the body wherever they look good.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

I used upholstery tacks to make bubble windows and the radar dish on front. There's a little blob of glue on the end but a bead would work just as well. Paint it, and you are done!



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    1 year ago

    That's great! I'm going to have to try these. They'll look good on my desk at work.