Retro Vinyl Bowl




1) Place the vinyl bowl over a hard domed object or a bowl, choose four points of the vinyl that you are going to apply heat to (this is important because it helps the vinyl flex in a controlled way and give more effective flexed edges).

2) Hold the heat gun at least 12 cm away from the area you are heating so that it doesn't start to blister. I used full heat on my heat gun but you can use whatever heat you like, don't hold the heat gun in the same area on full blast for more than 30 seconds if you want you vinyl bowl to look perfect.

3) Use the vinyl bowl as a fruit bowl or to hold your keys in it is multi purposeful.

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    3 years ago

    I was doing this about 30 years ago! lolerz.

    heat overn to 400.

    Get a coffee can or similar: Size of label.

    Put Lp on can and put in oven.

    Pull out when it's the shape you want.

    Takes seconds.