Introduction: RetroDuino

Hi everybody!

We have done a handheld rechargable retro console based on arduino, using some 8x8 led matrix and max7219 drivers, hardware, software and firmware designed by us. We are Electronics systems engineering students.

This project was for 'Creative Electronics', a Beng Electronics Engineering 4th year module at the University of Málaga, School of Telecommunications (

Here you have a tiny video of how it works:

Entire GitHub projet

Step 1: BOM

*/RetroDuino BOM\*

1x AtMega 238P-PU

3x MAX7219

2x Red LED Matrx 8x8 (2088)

1x LiPo Battery 3.7V

1x Lipo charge circuit

1x DC-DC boost


capacitors DIP sockets(opcional)

6x buttons 3D printed SHELL 4digit 7seg Display

74ls08 for buttons

Step 2: Atmega Onboard

before build the circuitboard we have to program a botloader and upload a first skech,

following this tutorials you will do it easy :)

Step 3: Hardware Assembly

Once we have the components, next step is build our hardware on a coppered Board ( the PCB is working in progress ) :


First Step: Check dimmensions, the 3D printed Shell is designed for a 70x91mm copered board:

coppered board

Second Step: Buttons Board has an especial Desing, you will have to cut it with this dimenssions:

freeCad 3D buton board

buttons board

buttons board cut

We will need a AND gate for Buttons Rutine:

AND gate

Third Step: Mount Components over your board and prepare your soldering tools for the 4th step :)

pre build board

Step 4: Printing

Now, you have to 3Dprint the shell, here you have the youmagine link:

Here you can download the complete FreeCad project: GitHub Link

and youmagine STL:link

Step 5: Soldering

Now following the scheme you have to build the complete hardware

Step 6: Build

take all your pieces and lets build the console! :)

Step 7: Programming

with a FDTI programer or another arduino board you can program your new console with a tetris

code link

for program the arduino:

arduino IDE config

Select the correct board, arduino uno on board 8Mhz internal clock.

Step 8: Follow This Project

hope you like this project, you can follow this project for hardware and software improvements.

we want program more games for this projet as the conway's game of life.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    hello dude i want to create the project for study in lecture, i have problem in programming for the libary that. Please share the library #include "reproducir.h" #include "rutina_piezas.h", thank you


    Reply 3 years ago

    hi kunl3, code was updated today, we fixed errors tha you've reported. you can download it from github ( , thanks for comment and follow our work!


    Reply 3 years ago