Reupholster Center Armrest With Old Clothes

Introduction: Reupholster Center Armrest With Old Clothes

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I purchased a Volvo s80 that needed some cosmetic work. Being me I wanted to do most myself. I was doing a little at a time, but the center console was the one eyesore that I hadn't got to. Its really an easy fix, but the nearest fabric store to me is about an hour and a half away and I didn't have time to go. Solution: old clothes that didn't sell from our yard sale.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

what you'll need:
cutting instrument
old clothes
adhesive (glue, spray adhesive is the best but I used super glue on this one because it was late and I ran out of the spray)
an item you want to cover

Step 2: Measure Your Fabric

I placed the piece in my fabric to see how much I would need. The best fabric has some stretch to it so cut about a half inch from the edges.

Step 3: Stretch and Glue (Not a Yoga Position)

Fun part! Start at an edge underneath and lay a bead of glue. Place your fabric on the glue and give it time to stick. To get the smoothest surface stretch your fabric from one edge and glue the other two sides down. Finish by stretching the fabric over the last edge and gluing underneath. Before you glue the last edge down check that there is no raised spots and smooth them out as necessary.

Step 4: Finish It Up

I did mine with some old sweat pants and then covered that with an old sports jersey of my sons that was ruined. I didn't remove the old vinyl that was ruined because I plan on doing a full restore when we make our way to the fabric store. It turned out pretty good for a quick fix. Also my console screws on to a base so I didn't have to cut too much of the back end. I'll post a picture of it installed later. Thanks for looking.

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