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This project is very simple and can save you lots of money on reupholstering!

My computer chair is very old and the vinyl began peeling off! Rather than buying a new chair or tons of fabric to reupholster I decided to use the miracle of duct tape to help!

Materials required:

Duck Tape, Scissors, Super glue (optional), A screwdriver.

Step 1: Tape the Seat of the Chair

Begin by laying down tape on the seat of the chair from back to front. End each piece at the seam and cut the tape so that it follows the seam when it is curved.

Step 2: Some Tips for Laying Down Tape

1: Be sure that the tape is all going in the same direction and ending along the seams of the chairs upholstery.

2: Once you reach the center begin laying down tape on the other side so that the two end up looking symmetrical.

3: Optional: to be sure that the tape doesn't curl up one can use super glue.

Step 3: Taping the Armrests

With a screwdriver take of the armrest from the chair. Tape the top going right to left rather than back to front, cut the tape once you reach the seam.

With a long piece of tape overlap following the seam and wrap it around to the underside of the armrest. By taping along the seam over the other pieces of tape laid down you won't have the tape curling up over time.

Step 4: Taping the Seams Closed

Tear the duct tape in half lengthwise in long strips. Use this piece to slightly overlap on top of the tape already laid down and covering the seam. Tuck the other side of the tape under the chair where it won't receive as much tension. Be sure to apply a lot of pressure when placing the seam tape. Using some super glue in the seams helps them hold a lot better!

Step 5: Continue Until the Whole Surface Is Covered!

In order to do the seat and the two armrests it took me exactly one roll of duct tape, I ran out before I could finish the back of the chair but once I am completely done I will add some more pictures to this instructable.

Happy making!

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    3 Discussions


    2 months ago on Step 5

    It's looking cute, expecially with the way you followed the seams!


    2 years ago

    Cool idea! I bet your be the next MacGyver!


    2 years ago

    I'm afraid this will not hold up to the effect of being sat on multiple times. After awhile, the edges of the tape will come loose and roll up with the sticky glue being exposed. Then when you sit down on it, your body heat will make it even more sticky to the point it will stick to your clothes. When you get up you will see that your clothes will be sticking to the chair seat. Also, after that happens, you will find white streaks of glue on your clothes that is pretty impossible to remove out of the material. It particularly looks bad on dark clothing. Sorry.