Reusable Breastfeeding/Nursing Pads



Introduction: Reusable Breastfeeding/Nursing Pads

As a nursing mother you have to worry about things like your breast leaking.  I remember the first time it happened to me with my first son.  We went to the pediatrician office and out of no where my chest felt cold.  My husband pointed out that my shirt was wet.  My breast had began leaking all on there own.  There is no way to prevent this from happening if your a breastfeeding mother, so you just have to work with it.  You have 2 choices either go out and buy the disposable breast pads that cost between 8 to 12 dollars or you can make your own.  Since i'm on a tight budget ill make my own.

All the information i am providing you with came from the website below.  If you need further instructions or i am not explaining my self well.  I will also be using there pattern, that you can also download off her website or from this page.

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Step 1: Materials

Fabric (Flannel, Cotton, bamboo.  I personally used some of my extra swaddling blankets.  I received to many at my baby shower.  Its breathable and sokes stuff up.)

IMPORTANT!    It might seam tempting to use water proof lining on your breast pads.  But using a water proof lining can cause what is called clogged ducts.  Your nipples is still skin and need to breath and lactate.  If they don't what will happen is one of the holes in your nipple can become clogged.  That one duct will get engorged then your breast it will be uncomfortable and possibly painful.   IMPORTANT!

Step 2: Cut Out Your Peices

Now we need to cut out our pieces.  You will want to cut out 4 pieces to every one breast pad.  So you will need 8 total for a set.

Because of the way i folded the swaddling blanket for my cuts i had to make 3 pairs of breast pads.

You don't have to make 3 sets but this will be nice so you don't have to worry about washing clothes everyday.

Step 3: Pin and Sew the Dart

On your pattern there is a dotted line. Find where this dotted line would be on your pieces. Then pin that spot so you can put a dart in that spot. 

Next you want to sew all of the darts on the individual pieces.

Then cut off the excess fabric made by the dart. ( Reference the picture.)

Step 4: Sew 4 of the Pieces Togeather

Make sets of 4 and sew them together.

Lastly, trim off the excess fabric and they are done. 

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