Reusable Gift Bag Hack


Introduction: Reusable Gift Bag Hack

You know those mylar balloons that are too nice to want to throw away? Here's a way to reuse them, sometimes over and over, as pretty and free gift bags.

Note: This is a small and simple instructable, but the first one I'm doing entirely on my phone – I hope it works :-)

Step 1: The Balloon

Deflate a Mylar balloon by making a little cut at the top of the balloon balloon. Flatten it out.

You can save this for later or proceed if you need to wrap something now.

Step 2: Cut Off Valve

Cut off the air intake valve about a half inch from the bottom of the balloon.

Step 3: Tape the Tab

Neatly tape the tab on to what will be the back of your project.

Step 4: Open the Top

Cut off the top seam of the balloon as close to the top as possible. Then open it up and you have a bag : )

If your balloon is round, just cut as much of the top seam off as you need for the gift you are giving.

Step 5: Wrap

Filled the bag and gather the top so that the decoration shows.

Step 6: Happy Gift Bag!

Tie off the gather with tape, a rubber band, or string. Finished with the ribbon or bow.

Give your gift!



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