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hello there,
This A Planner in just one sheet . It also works like a one page calender.Its ia planner in which you write the month calender with a marker and then when the next month comes you just rub the marker and then you just write the next month dates. I made a small one but you can make the planner as big as you want.

What You Need:
1) Paper
2) Pencil
3) Pen
4) Transparent sheet
5) Erasable ink marker
6) Colours(you can use colour pencils,water colour,crayons)
7) Tape

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Step 1: Lets Start

Take a sheet of paper. Place the paper in landscape position. Draw lines according to the picture i.e 5 rows 7 columns and some space to write the month name

Step 2: Colour the World

Colour the sheet however you like. But dont draw patterns with sketch pen and markers that will make the writing which we are going to write afterwards unclear . Dont colour dark colours. Let the planner (calender) be bright.

Step 3: Nearly Done

Place the trasperent sheet . Make sure that the sheet and the translerent sheet are of the same size. Also make sure that your marker writes on the transperent sheet and make sure you can erase the marker writing afterwards

Step 4: All Sticky

Attach both the sheets with tape

Step 5: Write It All

Write with a marker on the planner the dates,month,day.After you have done, to write the next month calender on the same sheet just rub the marker writing off and write the next month.

This is great way to save paper and reduce waste.

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    Great craft project for kids. They can make thier own customized calendar for thier events.