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Introduction: Reusable RC Paper Car

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Hi everyone!

This is a step by step for making a remote control car using an old and out-of order car, trying to be more economical and practical the reusable RC as the title says is made of paper! that´s right making some papercraft is how you´ll make the design for your car , yeah ... paper and some electronic stuffs but don´t worry ,if when you hear "electronic stuff" you think that its complicated, well.... don´t think! It is not.

With this you will be able to built your own RC car for so much less money than if you buy one! That´s all about ,to make things for ourselves , so here you have:

What you need:

-An old car (we will take the wheels)

-A papercraft design for your car

-RF modules (emisor and receptor)

-2 Resistors 47Komhs and 1Mohm

-A circuit for the control of the car (don´t worry there is a photo)

For the remote control:

-4 pulsers

-4 resistors 1 kohm

-1 resistor 1 Mohms

-Module HT12E (emisor)

-PCV perforated

-A lot of patience.

Step 1: Choose a Design

You will need a design for the car, to make it look amm.. pretty, so making some papercraft its the way we will make it, so choose a design that likes you the most and start to cut carefully, you don´t want to cut a whole piece.

Step 2: Start Folding

Now you have to be patience and real careful, in most of the cases there are tiny pieces, so you don´t wanna mess it up. Just fold and glue it.

Step 3: Assemble the Modules

Here you´re gonna make the remote control for the car, so you will need the emisor and receptor and a circuit design to make it work.

For the emisor we will use the HT12E and for the receptor its the HT12D, so now you just have to assemble the circuit design (the photo with a circuit in a paper )into the perforated pvc to make the remote control and the base who is going to receive the information of movement.

Step 4: Making the Movement

In this step you will make the movement that the car is going to receive, we put the basics which are right,left, back and forward ,for the 4 bits the emisor is going to receive (the logic is 1 bit per movement ) and the H bridge is going to control to avoid interferences .

For example if you press 2 buttons at the same time , the car doesn´t colapse! You may need some welding skills

Step 5: Assemble the Paper Car

Now we are in the final step, its the easiest step of all.

You have to mount carefully your papercraft car into the wheels with the circuit , and voila!

Your RC papercraft car is finished.

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