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Introduction: Reusable Spider Webbing

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This technique not only allows one to recycle snagged pantyhose into a Halloween decoration, but also creates webbing that can be used for multiple Halloween seasons (since the material is difficult to breakdown)

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    I love the fact that this can be used year after year. No more wasting my $$$ on the lousy skinny webbing that contributes to the trash!

    I'm thinking this would be a great idea for my huge spider I display on my roof. I'm going to start scouring the planet for white panythose!

    I've been looking for something other than yarn that looks like webbing from a distance. This is perrrrfect.

    I love this idea! Instead of buying the nasty webbing at the store I can actually reuse this from year to year!

    What a fun way to add a spooky element to your Halloween decor while doing your part to reduce, reuse and recycle. I love it, thanks!

    Great idea. Will save torn hose for next Halloween's display, my favorite holiday. Go Green!

    Boy! Pantyhose are so expensive, it's great to find a second use for them! Now I'll start thinking of other uses.

    These webs last much longer than the webbing bought in stores.

    Finally my ruined pantyhose have a "green" use.

    Where was this a month ago when I was setting up my Halloween display. I could have saved SOOOO much money. Thanks for such a terrific idea.

    Excellent! Great use of hose which tend to run and end up landfilled before a second "useful" life. I'll start hitting my wife up for cast offs! Thanks.

    Thanks for the encouragement! Because this was my first instructable, I didn't realize a slide show only allows one step. Perhaps this will be useful for others.... Step 1: Find a pair of useless white pantyhose Step 2: Cut off the leg (at panty and toe) Step 3: Slit the leg to create a long section Step 4: Open the cut section Step 5: Find a rough surface and disctrss the material Step 6: Stretch the material to create desired effect. Each leg will easily cover a 2'x2' section Step 7: Threads remain intact and can be moved and reused for many seasons.

    I can't wait to finally have a good use for all my pantyhose! These will be the envy of every spider!