Reusable Noteboard

Introduction: Reusable Noteboard

About: I have many different interests, and one of them is building, fixing, bossing others around and travelling. Here are some things that I have done.

This is going to be a short instructable on some small tool I use often to organize my projects and my days.

I have several jobs, and one of them is being a tour guide around my home town of Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. On some of those tours we partner up with some big organizations that need a few buses to get the tour groups going and these buses need signs.

Not wanting to throw these laminated pieces of paper out after the tours were done, I took one home, and decided to use it as an impromptu "whiteboard"-like notepad.

It is still only a piece of laminated paper so it does need a hard surface to be able to write on it properly. So I just used an old clipboard I bought years ago thinking I would need one... Turns out I didn't until now!

All you have to do is combine, a laminated or plastified piece of paper, and a clipboard or a harder surface that is sturdy enough to write on.

I have this with me when out in the car to write down ideas, and lists of things to do.

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