Reuse Bed Springs As a Plant Climber




Introduction: Reuse Bed Springs As a Plant Climber

I suffer from massive Eco guilt so when it came to getting rid of a single mattress, I wanted to take it apart and see what could be reused or recycled. We've just started growing some veg in our house so I decided to make a plant climber. The springs make a great support and look cool too. You'll need: A mattress A knife or hardcore scissors Wire cutters Spray paint Newspaper (to cover the ground when spraying) A few nails

Step 1: Separate Springs From Mattress

This was a bit of a hassle. I used a penknife to cut into the fabric of the mattress. There were a few layers to get through, the outer fabric and a layer of insulation. These were stitched together and attached to the bed springs with staples. Take the staples off and the bed springs come out as one big block

Step 2: Cut to Size

The springs are connected in columns by long coils of wire. Choose how large a block you need and use wire cutters to snip through the coil between each spring. Just unwind them and remove, but keep them for later to reattach blocks of springs in whatever arrangement you want.

Step 3: Get Spraying

These springs will rust very quickly if just left in the rain. To make them last longer and to brighten up your garden, give them a paint. I used leftover spray paint. I'm really happy with the blue though the green is a bit dull.

Step 4: Get Planting

I reconnected two blocks of springs with the sections of coiled wire I cut off (also painted) and hung them above the plant trough on a couple of nails, hammered into the back of my garage. I've used mine for a pea plant. The tendrils are really loving curling round the bed springs. Hoping to get some good crops out of it but am a beginner with this gardening malarkey so will have to see. Good luck!



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    6 Discussions

    There are ALWAYS free mattresses up for free on Craigslist

    Wow - what an idea! :) Excellent instructable!!!! Def. update with pictures - I hope you post more instructables! I Love how this looks!

    Thanks guys! Not bad for my first instructable. I'll try and get some better photos to update as it grows

    This is so cool. I always just stripped of the fabric and took the springs to the metal scrap yard. Now I want to replace my mattress so I can use them for this.

    Love this idea! I've always thought bed springs looked lovely, but I never knew what to do with them. This is great :D

    So clever! I love it. And looks cute too with the paint